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6310 Cane Run Rd
Louisville, KY, 40258
United States

1 (800) 626-2220

Custom embroidery on Visors, Caps, Hats, Apparel, and accessories.  Town Talk Headwear can help with all your staffing, team, charity, or tournament needs.  Ladies visors are handcrafted in Louisville, KY, USA.  All embroidery is done in Louisville, KY, USA.



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Preparing For Your Next Charity Event

Christina Mulholland

It's great being a part of a fundraiser event with so many people supporting the same causes that you care about.  Surrounded by a community of people who have the same purpose for this event. You see the families that have all rallied around their family member who is suffering from an illness, that needs to have awareness brought to it.  In this moment, at one time, we all have something in common as human beings, and want something to get better, to change. 

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Any Way You Want It... And Save Money!

Christina Mulholland

Have you ever flipped through our catalog and loved a certain style hat, but the color you need isn't listed?  Don't worry!  We can make just about any color change you need.

For example, you love the 0670 style in teal blue, but need a pink bill and purple eyelets so everyone will remember your awesome colors.  You got it!  

We can produce ANY color combination you want. We can even change the back closure if you wish.  We understand your need to be original and creative, and that you need to stand out from other teams or businesses.  

Do you need caps fitted for Youth sizes?  Let us know.  We can make it happen for you.

You have the freedom to change colors and stitching to make your cap they way you want.  You don't have to settle!

The colors that are listed in our catalog, are in stock right away.

If you need custom colors ordered for your caps that are not featured or listed on our website or catalog, just contact us for a Custom Order, and let us assist you in creating the perfect hat.

AND if you give us time to make your custom designed hat, you will SAVE on cost and have some extra money in your pocket!  You read that right.  Create Custom and Save.

With minimums as low as 6 dozen, we have 8 or 16 week delivery programs that you may choose from.  You can't beat that.

Contact one of our AWESOME sales reps today. We look forward to hearing from you!

Golf Tournament Premium Ideas

Christina Mulholland

Hosting a golf tournament or a fundraiser is a huge task.  We wish we could help you out with everything, but one thing we can help with is providing high quality headwear and accessories for your next event! The items you choose can have your custom logo embroidered on each item. Town Talk's products are great incentives to help reach your goals and build a relationship with your current and future supporters of your business or cause.

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