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6310 Cane Run Rd
Louisville, KY, 40258
United States

1 (800) 626-2220

Custom embroidery on Visors, Caps, Hats, Apparel, and accessories.  Town Talk Headwear can help with all your staffing, team, charity, or tournament needs.  Ladies visors are handcrafted in Louisville, KY, USA.  All embroidery is done in Louisville, KY, USA.

Time to meet your minimums!


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Time to meet your minimums!

Christina Mulholland

Are you new to Town Talk Headwear, and wondering how you can meet our minimums, but don't exactly need 72 pieces of the same cap?  Here is the low-down:


We have two categories we put our products into. Category A & Category B

Category A contains all caps, beanie/toboggans, buckets hats, golf towels, fleece throw, cinch packs, totes, imported visors (4324, 4388 & 4394)

Category B contains all MADE IN USA mens & womens visors, straw hats, apparel, Belts and blankets.


#1: Are you a first time customer or have a new logo to set up with us?  If the answer is yes, continue to #2. If you LOVE doing business with us, and already have your logo on file, continue to #3.


#2: Do You have a custom logo or prefer to use on of our stock designs 

  • Custom new logo: There is a one-time prep fee of 1¢ per stitch AND minimum of $50. (Mock artwork rendering could be subject to charge extra) Minimum initial order is 6 dozen (72 pieces) per logo set-up.  One dozen per style and color with NO category restriction. Example: You could order 3 dozen 0670 caps and get 1 dozen green, 1 dozen blue, and 1 dozen red, and add on 3 dozen 1603 polo shirts and get 1 dozen navy, 1 dozen red, and 1 dozen gold.   If you wanted 6 dozen 0670 caps, but want each half dozen to be a different color, because you want 12 different colors in your mix, that would be a 25¢ each add on per cap.  You can even break it down into more colors by making every 3 colors different by adding on a 75¢ each fee. 

  • New logo, but using one of our stock designs?: There is NO prep fee for using one of our stock designs. Minimum initial order is either 6 dozen (72 pieces) per logo set-up with one dozen per style and color with NO category restriction OR 4 dozen (48 pieces) per logo set-up WITH category restrictions (You can only shop from one category)

#3: I have already set up my logo with Town Talk! I am ready to get more products with my logo embroidered on them!  Repeat customers that are using the same logo already on file, the minimum orders amount is as follows: 

  • 6 dozen (72 pieces) Mix & Match from Category A or Category B

  • 3 dozen (36 pieces) All from same category

  • 1 Dozen Straw Hats

  • 1 Dozen Shirts


Now you have the information on minimums... what are you waiting for!? Call us today! We can not wait to get your order started.  1-800-626-2220