Brand Awareness Campaign

Did you know that Town Talk Headwear has just recently employed a creative brand awareness strategy that stretches across several multi-media platforms?  Well that’s exactly why we’ve taken the time to alert you - the customer, the employee, the strategist, the salesman, and the entrepreneur as to our main purpose, and how this fantastic change of pace will affect you.  Since we’re already the pioneers in the embroidered headwear business, we believe our new philosophies will keep us right where we belong - on top.

Since 1919 we have perfected the craft of envisioning, manufacturing, and delivering the very best high quality, innovative, design headwear.  That’s always been our main focus.  But something we felt we could do better was to build a better connection with you - our extended family.  After all, without you, all of our hard work goes unnoticed, and that’s just not any fun.

We are also proud to announce that along with our upcoming 2015 Catalog, completely re-packaged artwork, and company brand design and Social Media, we will be unveiling a brand new website.  We are swinging for the fences, with our main focus being to make it faster and easier for you to place orders with Town Talk Headwear.

Town Talk’s brand new “table tent” print display is a great starting point for us.  We have presented our company’s brand with a newly-designed look and feel, which directs customers and sales personnel to our new and pre-existing online destinations.   That’s why we’re mailing one to every one of our customers on all future orders.  In fact, we’ve already began.

Our theory is that by providing effective communication via design, our customers will want to buy more of our products.  By using the “hashtag” of “#ttcaps,” not only will our content, products, discounts, and promotional campaigns be made available and always up-to-date, but it will also give our customers, sales team, and store owners, alike, the opportunity to participate and interact with our brand.  All one has to do is search and/or tag content using #ttcaps, and you can save money, based off of promotions we are running.  And you get to be a part of the movement!  It’s that simple.  You can start now!

Posted on September 22, 2014 .