Town Talk opened its doors in 1919 with five employees and a desire to manufacture the highest quality headwear in America. Through the years, we have produced Little League baseball caps, military fatigue caps, chauffeur caps, painters caps, and today’s extensive golf collection without wavering from our original “highest quality” commitment. We are proud that throughout America the Town Talk name means the best in headwear.

From the beginning, Town Talk has been a family owned and operated company. Owner and CEO Wayne Joplin, Sr. entered the business in 1959, and then purchased 100% of the company in 1989. Since that time, all of his children, and some of their spouses, have helped Town Talk grow. Today, the family’s fourth generation proudly continues the Town Talk highest quality tradition.

Consumer demand for exciting, professionally embroidered headwear designs has never been greater. Town Talk works to satisfy this demand by both manufacturing and importing headwear, and by retaining an expert R&D operation focused on creating new designs, new graphics, and new embroidery techniques.

In addition to our national and international sales teams, Town Talk has a first class customer service staff available between 8 AM and 5 PM (EST), Monday through Friday. Please call us at 1-800-626-2200.